RuneScape is a good game to pass the time

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So lets say you've 99 theif. . You may go in the maximum lvl portal site and you will be at a giant location with OSRS gold hiding areas and buildings and other things it is possible to hide in... Well at the corner of the screen there's something that tells you a maybe 5 of your present targets to steal from and there might be a theif goal ocate spell (that may be too similar to bh however ) an dwhen you discover the goal you hav emultiple choices of how you setal out of him like NEW ways of theiving like possibly for instance you may have a bird to grab something from the pocket/overall body and much more ways that I havn't thaught of yet.

Well now I will tell you about the items portal that the things portal is divided into price ranges such as something that's worth 20k and - is placed in the lowest section of the theiving stadium and things which are 1m to like 4m are placed at the moderate level arena an ditems worth 5m and upwards are at the maximum level arena and they are autimaticaly teleported to a participant which has a god theiving lvl so it's more difficult to get it from him ( so like when there was a dchain it would be set in the stock of a high lvl theiving player so it is harder to get an dif it is a rune scimmy it woul be placed in the inventory of a minimal level player and ect.) But should you get your thing that people steal from you CANNOT take it from teh stadium OR were/weild/destroy/use it in any way!!! well. . .what else...? ....if you get caught trying to steal from someone you'll get dealt with Buy old school rs gold a crtain ammount of dammage depending on what your opponents theif level is indeed in the event that you get caught by a lvl 80 you could get hit by like. . .maybe. . .like just one forht (or less) of his theiving lvl and this WOULD be a SAFE mini-game.