How to get the players who appeared in Madden 21 Wildcard Wednesday

Players who are still interested can check the MUT 21 Coins of each player and their respective cards in the event through EA SPORTS official tweet about MUT.


Recently, Madden 21 Wildcard Wednesday really gave players another opportunity to enhance their existing lineup. Players who are still interested can check MUT 21 Coins of each player and their respective cards in the event through EASPORTS official tweet about MUT. The newest Madden 21 Veterans player is the highest-rated player to date. The previous version included 94 OVRs, Logan Ryan, Latavius Murray, and Chris Hogan. There are also 93 OVR players, including Tyrod Taylor, Trey Burton, and Linval Joseph.

So how do players get a veteran card in Ultimate Team? The first available method is for players to buy them through the Madden store. The current cost of the veterans’ group is 6,000 Madden training points, which includes a total of 89 or more veterans. Alternatively, players can purchase Flashback, Heavyweights or Rising Stars suits at the same MUT Coins. The Quicksell value for the new veteran player is 25,500 training points.

Another way to get specific veteran items is through Madden 21 auction house. Josh Norman’s cards have 139,000 to 160,000 kinds of Madden Coins. Randall Cobb’s card is 120,000 to 160,000 Madden coins. Robert Griffin III is probably the most expensive player item. The current price of experienced QB cards is between 150,000 and 200,000 Madden coins. Besides Madden 21 Wildcard Wednesday, Ultimate Legends cards also bring some of the best players of all time to MUT 21.

The price of these player cards may be unaffordable for some financially struggling players. They need to find more ways to get MUT Coins before they can get them. GameMS is a good shortcut. Players can buy many Cheap Madden 21 Coins there without spending a lot of money, it’s true! Nice try!