I finished the majority of my bearish unlocks

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I realy dislike DG on my own iron. Did OSRS gold you solo cashed or floors in tokens? Thank you! I'm excited to finally be liberated! I coached it just doing solo flooring which was quite painful, however there are a whole lot of fosters you should definitely take advantage of if possible. I dont believe it would be feasable to token farm from 99-120 but I certainly think if you did an elongated dg daily every day and a few token farming alongside that, it may be a viable training method. By level 120 though it's possible to get 2x the experience of one hour of nominal farming in one big floor so it might not be worth continuing to nominal farm upon getting over 200k xp each floor.

When you do get max boosts xp becomes pretty fasy so that's an upside to practice with solo flooring, but it gets very boring after a while especially if you do not like dg already. I over it now although I used ton't mind it. It is fortune but the xp fostering cards are not uncommon. Thieving locust are the rarest however I discovered I averaged 1-4 per stock of cards (128k tokens) (although 4 is uncommon, I have received 6 in 1 inv before I think), preening ibis that you get a bit more commonly at about 2-5 per inventory and the cloning mosquito (double loaf ) you might get from 2-7 each stock. Consistent Yak cards tend to be rarer when buying from the Bryll Thoksdottir. The most common cards that I think are the really shit ones, but it's pretty even for all except for yak.

For 10 double xp cards I think it'd cost about 360k tokens/3 inventories, maybe 4 if you are unlucky. To get 300-400k tokens, you will need just 4m xp and less if you are utilizing your double loaf cards. That's easily accessible from doing your routine flooring, though might be harder between 99-110 when you don't have as many flooring unlocked. If it is not sufficient to upkeep tokens, you need to be able to supplement with nominal farming. A person pls tell me when this is scuffed maths however as much as my anecdotal experience goes, I found this sustainable. Fortunately, I purchased all useful unlocks by around 105 dg so had too much tokens going from then to 120, and I did do daily gorago for your free card, for some of that time, utilizing the cards in my highest potential floors.

Other cards I under-utilised that might help you enhance xp at reduced rates were: Beguiling smoke devil - lets you open skill doorways without meeting level requirements. Good if you are not maxed but want to push on some dg amounts for whatever reason. Whimsical Bunyip - a random card's result is played.

I finished the majority of my bearish unlocks (gold accumulator, elite dungeon torso, magical notepaper etc.. ) by level 105ish so I could spend all my tokens on gorago cards. I prioritised DG dailies and that I was blessed to receive 114 before the daily nerf, however even after nerf I still did the extended dailies. I'd always use my boss option to decide on a non Blink supervisor to get a warped flooring and do a large additional floor. After arch came out however I utilised the deathless relic so doing my floors became much faster as I can cheese blink without any danger for my xp.

I used party simulators, complete outfit to buy RS gold and had daemonheim jobs 4 completed. The flooring I were 1-30 c6 hurry (don't save plenty of time doing c1 imo) and then 30-60 larges. I used twice token (cloning mosquito) cards on floors 30-40, 1.5x xp (preening ibis) cards on flooring 40-48/50 and thieving locust from 48-60 which helped me double a lot of my expertise and made it much faster. You may get up to 1.3-5m at the very top end with those cards. I would estimate if you utilize cards.Hope that helps the final solo exp rate at 120 is around 500k an hour!