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It seems difficult to plan a garden in the "Path of Exile: Harvest league" alliance, but if you have some graph paper and careful planning, you can maximize your POE Currency output.

There are three kinds of seeds in the harvest: purple wild seeds, yellow vigor seeds and blue original seeds. Their characteristics depend on the variety and grade: the second layer is composed of grains, the third layer is onions, and the fourth layer is fruits, but for the sake of clarity, they are all called seeds here. Excess seeds can be stored in Holygrove's own hiding place.

When the player activates the "seed cache", the seeds will germinate, so the best way to plant seeds quickly is to go to a different area, collect the seed cache, and then wait about 15 minutes to reset the field. If there are plants ready to be harvested, Oshabi will talk about them. It is also a good idea to squeeze vitality frequently, because otherwise it will eventually disappear.

The Harvest Alliance can construct three types of structures immediately. If necessary, you can reposition the building by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking. Their job is to harvest plants that have recently fully grown. When there are at least 8 mature plants, activate one of the top buttons to release monsters and absorb their vitality when killing them. There is a convenient button to automatically sow seeds of the corresponding color from the rootstock into the environment. It can accommodate 50 people.

Building note: There is a 5x5 grid. The planting area at the corners of the map is small, so the second and above layers are not suitable for planting. What they do: transfer vitality energy to surrounding plants, and fertilize around 5x5 grids.

Installation instructions: All seeds of level 2 and above require Exalted Orb. Check the seeds to see their required vitality, as specific varieties may vary, and place collectors around the diffuser to collect these seeds. If the collector is built on the same grid line two cavities away from the diffuser, the overlap will be 10 cavities. If placed side by side, the overlap is 18 spaces.