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In Path of Exile, you must complete six special tests for the Eternal Labyrinth. You will find an overview of the completed tests in front of the entrance of the maze and in the vestibule of the candidate before the test on the map. You can also buy POE Currency and get more powerful weapons before entering the maze.

Check the truth of piercing "Truth of piercing": here are mainly spikes dug from the ground to the foot. Whether activated at regular intervals or via a pressure plate, they will cause you to suffer 25% damage of the effective life of each activation. For this reason, they block the road when they move. Remember the activation mode and move precisely between active traps.

Rotating fear check "Rotating fear": The main theme here is a rotating cylinder with spikes. If you get too close to them, you will soon suffer physical harm. Also remember the exercise method here, and pay attention to a safe place to stop. Attempt to cross the trap in the direction opposite to the direction of movement so as to withstand only the shortest possible damage

Check the "cruel grief" of cutting pain: the circular saw moving back and forth in the path is here waiting for you. Look for a switch to prevent the circular saw from moving back and forth. Use your maneuvering skills to overcome the trap, and only cross the relative movement direction of the saw if necessary. The blazing fire "Burning Fury" test: Lava will rise in certain areas every once in a while and cause permanent burns to you. The slow halo usually occurs here in conjunction with "continuous danger".

Check for peristaltic pain "Lingering Pain": Similar to a rotating cylinder, the trap here is wider and still moving in the air. Also remember their route here, find a safe place before crossing the trap, and destroy the halo if possible.

Check for "Stinging Doubt" questions: You mainly face arrows shot from walls or pylons. These do harm you and slow you down. Usually, these traps are combined with spike traps and can block your journey, prevent you from stepping on them and cause other damage. Remembering the rhythm will only help to a certain extent, because chances are you will still be hit. Therefore, try to cooperate with your travel and plan your path in advance. Finally, if you need to Buy POE Currency, please visit the famous POECurrency.